What steps are you taking to ensure your mind is in the right place for success?

Getting caught up in the day-to-day is easy, but don’t forget to set goals for the big picture. What’s your long-term vision for your business?Are you looking to make a positive impact in the world? Start by defining your purpose and aligning your actions with that purpose. Don’t let fear hold you back from taking ... Read more

Are you making this common mistake with your marketing?

I was so excited to set up my first marketing campaign. I had worked hard on setting everything up, making sure the graphics were right and the ads were all set to go.  I just knew that people were going to start flooding in when they saw how I could help them, but as you ... Read more

Copywriting Framework that has made me thousands

Want to level up your marketing but can’t find anything that gives you consistent results? Everyone knows that better copywriting(copy) gets results, but all the advice is so generic that it makes it hard to use. Frustrating right? So, I decided to share one of the templates I use to make consistent sales so you ... Read more

My top 5 favorite marketing tools.

The amount of marketing tools out there can be overwhelming. I have tried so many I lost count. Here are some easy and fun ones to help with marketing. *Some but not all of these are affiliate links.  1) SEMrush An SEO tool that helps me with keywords, blog and website audits, backlinking, and competitor information.  ... Read more