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The amount of marketing tools out there can be overwhelming. I have tried so many I lost count.

Here are some easy and fun ones to help with marketing.

*Some but not all of these are affiliate links. 

1) SEMrush

An SEO tool that helps me with keywords, blog and website audits, backlinking, and competitor information. 

SEMrush and Google are the sites I use to see what questions people are asking so I can ask those same questions to my clients. It helps keep the content relevant. 


It is an all-in-one place to make your courses, funnels and email marketing campaigns. It is beginner-friendly and very cost-effective for all it does. The Facebook group is also very helpful; people there always give away free templates. 

3) Canva

A place to create social media posts, PowerPoint presentations, freebies, and so much more. They have so many valuable templates that go over sometimes for inspiration when I feel stuck. 

I have recently used the whiteboard feature to review things with clients and the team.

4) Surfer SEO

If you write blogs, Surfer SEO is a must. I use it for myself and my clients all the time. It has increased visibility and made SEO so much easier. It gives you insights for keywords and suggestions to make your blogs stand out better in search. I had stopped writing blogs for a while, but after seeing how great this tool works for my clients, I am bringing back blogs. 

5) Grammarly

As you can most likely guess from the name, it helps me with grammar. I have a love-hate relationship with this tool. It is so helpful, and I need it, but seeing all the suggestions it makes to your writing can also be annoying. Nonetheless, It is a convenient tool and has saved me so much time proofreading and catching errors. 

There were so many tools to choose from but these are ones I use on a regular basis and can wholeheartedly recommend. 

What are your favorite tools?